Flint Tech Solutions is your go-to technology experts when it comes to installing new technical systems. Let it be cabling solutions, access control systems, audio-visual installations or just Wi-Fi, we are here for you.

We have a full range of cabling solutions to meet your requirements. This includes network hardware, structured cabling, fiber optic cabling and laser technology. In the case of structured cabling, our installations are done according to industry standards, following all the limitations and guidelines of the manufacturers; therefore they are covered by manufacturer’s performance warranties.

We also specialize in installing multimode and single mode fiber optic cabling. All our installations are tested with OTDR, light source, and power meters after they are completed. Most importantly, we provide all the hardware needed to get your system running- this consists of equipment from MRV, Dynamode, D-link and many other well-known manufacturers.

For access control systems, we provide quite a variety of products. This includes central door controllers, card lock readers, proximity readers, proximity cards, keypad readers, internal/external readers and key fobs. These run over IP based connections via their software. We also have standard telephone and video door entry solutions which are used over IP network systems using structured cabling. Lastly, we offer a wide range of secure fingerprint or biometric access control units for areas that need to be highly guarded.

Audiovisual systems are usually needed in most businesses, and we have everything you need.  Our experienced and skilled professionals can design and install different types of integrated audio visual systems, many of which often contain interactive whiteboards, video projectors, amplifier and speaker kits, suspension kits, plasma screens and satellite TV on demand etc.

For surveillance, we have a huge range of  IP CCTV available. One option is such that you do not need a software for it, comes with free firmware updates, runs night and day with both video and sound. It can be run without any control stations or with a DVR Digital video recorder. We also have several types of external box cameras, internal cube cameras internal and external dome cameras, all with or without audio.

We provide multiple electrical services as well. Since we’re a tech solutions farm, we specialize in IT, therefore, we take care of any electrical needs your IT infrastructure might have. These include installing power circuits in premises where this high electricity consumption by computers, setting up custom-made made-to-measure power distribution panels (PDUs)  which are ideal for modern server rooms,  providing power supplies to and from PDUs according to your requirements and also standby power solutions(UPS) to ensure your system is never interrupted due to power failure.

Lastly, we also provide a wide range of wireless solutions to suit the requirements of different applications. One type involves setting up the wireless intelligence in a central switch that coordinates and controls the actions of all access points, therefore the design and architecture of the APs are made simpler. Another option is more suitable for places where connecting buildings using fiber optic links is not possible as it connects building-to-building using laser wireless products.


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