A network is a group of computers, peripherals, mainframes, servers, network devices, and/or other devices connected wirelessly or by wired means, for easy transfer of data. Network installation is a complicated sector of IT infrastructure. No, it does not mean connecting two desktops with a piece of cable, it actually refers to the huge array of IT devices you have to connect over LANs and WANs if you are thinking about setting up a business network.

Flint Tech Solutions has all the network installation services you need to set up a reliable and robust network. We specialize in horizontal cabling, backbone cabling, campus cabling, data centers and outside plants, and you can choose complete fiber optic cabling for each of these options if you want to. We will design your network, install it and integrate services over the spectrum of data, voice, audio & video technologies using optical fiber, copper, and wireless distribution systems.

Our installations rely on TIA/ANSI/EIA and BICSI standards-compliant designs which will be installed by our properly licensed and vastly experienced installation team. We make sure every installation is done according to the manufacturer’s instructions; therefore you can rest assured that your installation will be eligible to receive an extended manufacturer warranty.

Horizontal cabling solutions connect the end user’s workroom to the telecom room and are installed in properly supported bundles and fireproof sleeve that is compliant with all building and electrical codes. Our installations range from the money-saving CAT5E designs to the largest bandwidth, highest quality CAT6A systems.

Our backbone cabling connects equipment rooms, telecom rooms, and entrance facilities within a premise. To make your network more flexible, long-lasting and adaptive to meet changes in higher bandwidth, we use fiber optic cable for IT system applications, multi-pair voice cable, and coax cable for video application.

We focus on making a well-thought cable system for campuses. As it is a campus system has to be able to cope with newer technology and higher demanding services. Our systems rely on a diverse and useful design range from traditional LAN and Wireless traffic to VOIP. We also offer multiple additional services such as metering of utility service, surveillance, and security, video and campus communication, message boards etc.

Our network experts have huge experience in installing, expanding and relocating data centers. We have relocated multiple campus data centers without interrupting their service. Modifying legacy fiber to modern high-density hardware alongside dual service on large, traditional PBX systems has greatly increased the longevity of older infrastructures during transformations to latest technologies and new data center facilities. We have worked on CAT6 Inter-cabinet Cabling, Data Center Access and Surveillance Systems, Complete Grounding and Bonding Systems etc.

As outside plants, we set up both aerial and underground systems on campuses and in commercial businesses. Our services include hand holes, maintenance holes, fiber optic backbone cable, voice backbone cable, coax backbone cable, wireless antenna cabling, audio and broadcast cable etc. We have more services- feel free to contact us for more.

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