For a company’s information technology, infrastructure management (IM) is the administration of crucial operation constituents, such as policies, mechanisms, equipment, information, human resources, and external contacts, to maintain efficiency and effectiveness. IM ensures that your IT stays updated so that it is adaptable to the forever-changing world of technology, alongside keeping it compliant to the international standards.

Flint tech solutions have all the services you need for top quality infrastructure management. We offer a range of dependable, responsive, customizable and proven infrastructure services and solutions that reduce our customer’s worries by a great deal and adds value to their business. From Infrastructure Consulting services to Operation Management, along with Data Center services, End-User Computing and Networking services, we’ve got you covered all around.

A data center is one of the most important parts of an organization’s IT system. It centralizes an organization’s IT operations and equipment, as well as stores, organizes, and circulates its data. With the help of our Managed Platform for Adaptive Computing (mPAC) solutions, we are able to transform data centers into adaptive infrastructures.

mPAC comes with software, integration packs, and accelerators which can either have onsite implementation or be set up in the cloud. In response to dynamic workload requirements, the mPAC sends private & hybrid Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a service (Paas) which then coordinates and sorts out various complications. It enables integrated performance, accessibility and SLA management of Applications and Infrastructure across numerous cloud providers.

Our End-User Computing services are focused on empowering companies to reach their business goals through proper regulation of their end-user computing resources. We can remotely provide for you our all-inclusive & powerful services like the desktop management functions which will work to support a customer’s complex desktop and mobile computing situation. All our services perform in a centralized and automated manner. These services include Device Management, Desktop Management, Transformation solutions, Service deck, UCC and last-mile support. With special emphasis on voice infrastructure, through our Global Delivery Centers we are here to provide reasonably priced Service Desk.

For networks, we provide full-proof network services such as network designing, planning, launching and maintenance, which help deliver voice, video and data services. Our network solutions prepare the infrastructure to collaborate with internal and external IT systems such as Business Support System (BSS) and Operations Support System (OSS) to cater full term management solutions to Communication Service Providers (CSPs). Our services range across the whole network ecosystem for telecom companies and enterprises including network building, operation, and maintenance in a thoroughly planned and effective manner. It also allows the combining of Value Added Service platforms, therefore, gaining business efficiency and fulfilling customer expectations to the fullest.

Our Infrastructure Consulting services assist you in developing a strategy to build a flexible, responsive IT infrastructure that complements your business targets. We provide complete and lifetime – oriented IT Infrastructure consulting services to meet your unique business needs. Our Infrastructure assessment framework focuses on optimizing and transforming opportunities across your enterprise infrastructure ecosystem to deliver a solution that enhances Business-IT Alignment, improves IT performance and reduces cost factors.

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