With the rapidly growing popularity of cloud computing, most companies are migrating to clouds. However, some people are still worried about the security, costs, and ease of use of cloud services as everyone is still used to the traditional on-site data centers. For those of whom total migration to a cloud seems daunting and unpredictable, hybrid cloud computing is the perfect solution. With a useful blend of both cloud services and traditional services, hybrid solutions give you the best of both worlds.

Flint Tech Solutions has everything you need for your own hybrid cloud.

Our services enable you to adopt the unique mix of cloud and on-premise technologies that are customized for you and your business’ digitalization journey, without you having to worry about the criticality or difficulty of the change. This means you can reduce your expenditure, improve your company’s decision making, decrease the complexity of infrastructure, have more freedom of choice, and reduce the risk of data loss.

We know every business is unique; therefore they should not be treated in a generalized manner. This is why our strategy is divided into two parts: analyzing/ blueprinting followed by implementation.

For blueprinting, our experts thoroughly analyze your data center based systems, looking at them from multiple angles. This helps us design a transformation plan with a prediction of its return on investment, with proper reasoning about why it will have the predicted return. After we are ready with the report, we will help you in identifying the optimum blend of cloud and traditional hosting environments for your company and develop a full proof transformation plan.

When you will have approved the plan we presented to you and made your preferred alterations, we will start on the transformation or implementation process. We ensure you that the changes will be secure and risk-free and we will use the most non-disruptive method possible. Our goal is to keep your downtime to a minimum and data loss to a zero. We will take each and every necessary step such as backing up and setting up translation protocols to make sure we achieve what we promised you.

We combine different administration services to provide a single, logical solution for handling multiple services, technologies, platforms, and suppliers. Our goal is to make your hybrid cloud management as easy for you as possible. We offer a full range of solutions that allow you to maintain governance, stay in control of everything that is happening in your organization, maintain compliance and achieve enterprise-wide visibility of your whole hybrid cloud.

Therefore, our aim is to provide customized hybrid cloud solutions that will suit your requirements perfectly and make managing your cloud easy for you. We want to co-create as we take into account where your business is today and how it can be improved in the future. We’ll work to improve our services according to your needs, therefore evolve alongside your business. Lastly, we ensure you that all our solutions will be adaptive as we always provide our clients with the most advanced technology possible; therefore no need to worry about your infrastructure’s increasing requirements. We are here to take care of it for you!

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