In recent times, it has become customary that more or less every business should have its own website. To survive in this world of advancing technology, having a global presence is necessary 24/7. A website makes you accessible and available to all your potential clients, regardless of where they are or who they are.

Now, setting up a website is no easy task. It involves setting up domains, making databases, tracking network traffic and what not. Moreover, it is not something you should compromise with as many people will get their first impression about you from your website so your branding and website management has to be spot on. Hosting is a service that enables businesses and individuals to “host” a website or web page on the Internet. This is why Flint tech solutions has everything you need for hosting.

The hosting services we offer make sure that you get exactly what you need. We provide single-tenant hosting which means all our software can be customized to suit your requirements. Here are some more reasons why you should choose us to take up the responsibility of hosting your website:

  • Dedicated servers: For you, our tech experts will design custom, dedicated servers which we will maintain throughout its lifecycle, along with physical firewall configurations. This means in case of hardware, you get to choose your processors and memory, or optimize your speed and storage using solid state drives (SSDs), SATA hard drives or SAS hard drives while keeping everything backed up using hardware RAID controller. For software, you can choose from a range of different operating systems, databases, firewalls, networking and storage options.
  • Multi-cloud connectivity: We provide widely available, safe, private network connectivity between your own cloud, other data centers and other public clouds of your preference such as Google Drive or Microsoft Azure so that you can connect to numerous clouds at the same time. This means you can keep your bigger programs and software stored on your dedicated hosting server, and access them easily from any terminal connected to your network.
  • Databases: Websites require multiple databases; our database administration services will optimize your database management. Our experts have all the experience and skills you need for MySQL, Oracle, and MS SQL Server environments. Even if you’re running on dedicated hardware or our Cloud Servers, we’re here to assist you with everything regarding architecture design, management, monitoring or problem-solving.
  • Storage: There is no limit to how much information you have to store when you’re running a website. Therefore, the storage solution you have now might not suit what you will need after a few months or years. This is why our storage solutions are scalable and adaptable so that you can start out small and grow bigger eventually. So whatever requirements and budget you might have now, we will give a solution that serves its purpose to the maximum and at the same time, can be extended whenever needed.
  • Networking: If your IT system consists of dedicated hardware, cloud storages, or a hybrid of both, we will design a custom network configuration that will meet your business requirements, boost outcomes and secure data that is crucial to your business.
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