By definition, Desktop management refers to the steps taken to manage all the computers within a company. However, it is not only limited to desktops, since desktop management includes taking care of laptops and other computing devices as well. It is a cloud computing service that is made up of software tools that helps the front-end user to efficiently use time and manage cost while maintaining a simple, swift and dependable virtual desktop performance.

Flint Tech solutions can help you create an organized desktop strategy using new and customized delivery models, availing private, trusted and public cloud computing resources. The strategy will encompass new technologies, such as Windows 10 or onwards, tablets, smartphones, desktop virtualization etc. This mixed approach ensures an adaptable service that will evolve over time so it stays in compliance with your business requirements.

Our services are adept at providing top-notch data security to protect your business assets. We carefully select technology such as zero-watt PCs and monitors which will reduce energy consumption and be cost efficient, alongside reducing your environmental impact. We aim to free you of the management burden, whilst reducing costs by a margin and delivering a high-quality service to your end-users. Our services include infrastructure consulting and integration, desktop software and hardware support, standard operating environment management, and lifecycle management services.

Now, let’s get on to Mobility management. Enterprise mobility management (EMM) is a comprehensive set of procedures and tools used for securing and empowering employee use of smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices on wireless networks. In addition to taking care of security concerns, a well thought out EMM strategy encourages employees to be more efficient by supplying them with the tools needed to execute job-related tasks on mobile devices.

We have multiple EMM services, here are a few:

  • Secure any device: You can secure, handle, and oversee any employee-owned mobile device that has access to business ­related data. Our mobile device management (MDM) facilities give you the power and IT controls needed to securely register, manage, and remove devices when anyone of your company changes their phone or resigns.
  • Secure BYOD (Bring your own device): With our cross-platform BYOD support, you can allow your employees to work on their own devices. This increases efficiency as they are working on the device they are comfortable with, while you don’t need to worry about your business data being leaked or employee privacy. Our services provide secured and monitored access to business email, content or apps, no matter whether it’s their personal phone or one that your company provided them.
  • Secure email: Our EMM services offer all the options required to securely monitor email, prevent data loss, manage access control, and remove specific email, programs, and content from non-registered mobile devices. So your employees can use productivity apps such as office 365 or email while keeping your data secure.
  • Secure the apps available to employees: Increase business efficiency and security with a mobile application security framework that allows you to launch, secure, and manage apps throughout your whole business.
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