If you’re unaware about what Cloud solutions mean, don’t get confused by the complexity of the terms, it is actually something very familiar to you. Simply put, cloud solutions, or cloud computing, is computing based on the internet. This means the programs, data or resources that you would traditionally store on your hard disk, server or a local network, is stored in a “cloud” on the Internet instead.

You’re probably guessing the benefits of cloud computing by now. The first and foremost would be accessibility. When you have everything stored on your cloud storage, you can basically work from anywhere and everywhere, any time you want. Not only that, your storage capability doesn’t need to be confined to a certain value due to the hardware you have available as you can upscale and downscale the size of your cloud according to your requirements.

Having your crucial data stored on the cloud increases its security too, and this is actually a part of disaster recovery. It saves a great deal of time, as your employees can all work on different or same files simultaneously, and keep everything updated and backed up as they keep working. It helps them collaborate and be a better team together.

We, at Flint Tech Solutions, are here to see that all your “cloud” needs are met adequately. With our various services, we can analyze and find out the perfect customized cloud solution for your IT infrastructure. We make sure to provide you with the best, cost-effective services so that your cloud is optimized for your business and worth the money. Whichever cloud you might need: public, private or hybrid, we have them all for you!

Our public cloud services save you from the hassle of setting up, launching and managing your own public cloud. Even if you already have a private cloud, you can easily combine or integrate into our public clouds. Examples of public clouds include Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive where information is kept in space shared with other people since anyone can use a public cloud.

Virtual private cloud is the fastest and highest performing cloud out there, and we make sure our clouds have the highest security possible. Built with all-flash arrays, it is developed to ensure high-quality performance, swift response times and high scalability. All your data is encrypted at the hardware level to provide more security and protects your data from prying eyes. It does not matter if you need a few virtual private servers for testing or want to lower your public cloud expenditure, or even both, we will architect a plan that will be specific for your business only.

Hybrid cloud is probably the most popular form of cloud solution right now. As it integrates both- the accessibility of internet cloud storage and also the reach-ability of onsite servers, our hybrid cloud will genuinely give you the best of both worlds. The servers we will design for you will be in a facility that is independently audited against SOC 2, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and EU-US Privacy Shield standards, therefore you can rest assured about audit compliance.

Alongside the cloud solutions we provide you, we also guarantee to take care of every update, every problem that might arise 24/7. Here at Flint Tech Solutions, we help keep your operating standards updated and monitor your infrastructure for any sort of technical, administrative or physical threat.


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